• Due to the number of people who register and then don't consign, you must have at least 25 items entered into your inventory by August 3rd  (two weeks prior to receiving). Beginning on August 3rd, we will UNREGISTER those who have not entered the minimum number of items and will begin filling spots with people who have asked to be on our wait list.
  • We will only allow 400 consignors to register due to space limitations, therefore, should we reach capacity, we will have a Wait List.  Once you try to register, you will receive a pop-up message if our sale has reached capacity. 
  • WAIT LIST INSTRUCTIONS---In order to be added to our wait list, you must email us at kingdomkidssale@gmail.com with WAIT LIST in the subject line. Please include your name and seller id.  Emails sent to any other address will be ignored.  We apologize for the inconvenience but this is the only way we know to make sure we fill spots on a first come, first serve basis!
  • We have added a Summary Guide to the Seller Information tab to help answer questions about what items we do/don't accept.  We hope this helps alleviate some of the confusion on seasonal items!  
  • Please make sure you review our guidelines of what we accept very carefully.  We have made some changes/additions for this sale.


Please note all times carefully.    

Please be aware that all tags should measure approximately 3" x 3".  If your tags are printing smaller than this, you may need to update your browser.  If you are unsure of how to do this or are still having problems, please contact us PRIOR TO PRINTING.

DONATION REPORTS-It is the consignor's responsibility to print all donation reports immediately following a sale.  Once we set up a new sale in the system (usually done about 2 months after the last sale), donation reports are no longer available.
We are going "paperless"!  There is no need to bring a seller form with you to registration.  The only registration required is through the barcode system before you begin creating tags.

Due to space limitations, we will only accept the first 400 consignors (this is registered consignors...the system will not let more than 400 register).  Each consignor will be limited to 250 items.

Please do not register unless you are sure you will be consigning with us.  If you do register and decide not to sell, then please UNREGISTER.  We are having problems with people registering but then not actually consigning.  We are charged for the barcode system by the number of registered consignors which is causing us to incur additional costs.  In addition, you are taking up a spot for others who may want to register.

If you have consigned with us in the past, you still must register for each sale on your seller homepage.  Simply log in using your same seller id and password and then choose "register for upcoming sale".  

We will no longer accept handwritten tags or barcode tags from other sales.  All tags must be created through our barcode system. 

A seller fee of $7 will be deducted from all checks.  If you have two Seller IDs, you will be charged a seller fee for each ID.

We will no longer be accepting drop-side cribs due to the new law banning the re-sale of these cribs.


If you have items that did not sell at a previous sale and you are bringing them back (with the same GMV barcode tag), you must go into your inventory and make the items ACTIVE again.  Otherwise, the tag will not scan when someone tries to buy it.

We accept cash and check at our sale.  Credit cards are accepted for purchases over $25 with a 3% fee.  There is a $25 charge on all returned checks.  

Shoplifters will be prosecuted!!!